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At SoLow Suspension, our passion and drive is to provide the very best Volkswagen Transporter suspension kits, parts and products. As such, we always come out on top as our suspension is the best in the game! Whether you want to raise your Transporter up for that swamper, all-terrain approach or slam it down low to both excite and impress, we have it all. On top of this, our VW Transporter air ride kits give unparalleled results. Why not just ask the hundreds, if not thousands, of our satisfied customers!

Why Should You Pick SoLow Suspension?

Suspension Solutions

As one of the UK’s leading providers of Transporter suspension, we innovate too which is exemplified by our groundbreaking air suspension!

One Stop Shop 

Our products are the cream of the crop. Therefore, you will find lift kits, lowering kits and even some truly impressive air ride options too, so you get exactly what you desire!

Our Most Popular Categories


We supply our suspension products to every corner of the UK. This way, no-one misses out on improving the handling and appearance of your cherished Transporter!

In our most popular categories you can find the exact products for you, based on your exact needs. Whichever category you pick, lift kits, lowering kits, air rides or accessories, you always get the best. Consequently, ou get the best parts for the best price that money can buy from SoLow Suspension. Simply click the image to be taken to the specific category page.

Picking The Right SoLow Suspension

Your suspension is not only responsible for giving you a smooth and seamless driving experience, but it needs to be resilient too. It is super important that you can fully load your van and your suspension will effortlessly take the strain. The difference between certain models of Volkswagen Transporter can dictate how much weight the van is capable of carrying. This is shown through the models of T26, T28, T30 and T32. The T32 is the sturdiest van, capable of carrying the greatest load in weight. For this reason, the connection points of the suspension differ. You can see the difference between the T26, T28 and T30 models, compared to the T32 model. Therefore, making sure you have the right SoLow Suspension is the difference between make and break!

Our Stockists

Our interactive map below displays our stockists, who all loved our products that much, that they wanted some of the action too! This way, if you want the best suspension on offer for your van, you can get it. You don’t necessarily have to wait for delivery! If there is a supplier of SoLow Suspension products near you, you can use this map. Use their contact details to arrange taking a look for yourself!

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By clicking through to watch the latest video about our fantastic Transporter suspension, you can get our full list of videos. See for yourself the full library of our handy and informative videos! Therefore, in these videos you can learn everything you could ever possibly need to know. Not just about SoLow Suspension, but our amazing products too. It goes much further than just suspension! You will find videos covering all aspects of Volkswagen Transporters and the great parts supplied for them.

We have developed our innovative suspension systems alongside Transporter HQ, the undisputed kings (and queens) of the Volkswagen Transporter aftermarket parts industry!

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