SoLow Suspension, the original mission? To make low achievable, comfortable, affordable and improve handling. Not “hug a dub” 50mm springs low, I’m talking proper looks photoshopped, lower than a snakes belly – “how do you get over speed bumps” low.

How Do We Do This? 

The first step was to find the right suspension manufacturer to develop them with us, well it had to be Bilstein!

Bilstein already produce the best known VW T5/T6 coilover suspension on the market so we just had to talk them into making us an extra low kit. When I say talk them into it, well it didn’t take much, they, like us, have a desire to make high end, built to last products for a passionate and ever growing VW Transporter market.

After we’d worked out how to do all that, we thought lets give them the adjustment and flexibility to suit an even larger market. So you don’t need to run SoLow’s crazy low, they start where the other coilovers on the market finish. Our coilovers have the highest setting of an 80mm drop.

You want to be just that bit lower than your mates with improved ride and handling? We’ve got you!!

You want to be Lowdown Transporters low, hell you’re in the right place.

We’ll supply you the kit to do it and help you with tips and advice along the way.

Okay okay, so next you’re asking why we built the SoLow lift kit? B.I.G.H, Because I got high!! Yes we love low but come on, lifted Transporters are cool as penguin p**s too.

From Stanced To Super Tall, We Have It All 

We’re so pleased with the results of the SoLow lowering coilovers. Next, we then asked Bilstein to help us to develop a lift kit. That started with the B.I.G.H 45mm lift springs which have been really popular. From there, we decided to produce long shocks with better compression to compliment them. The B.I.G.H lift kit was born.

So now you know all about us, you can see just how deep our dedication to the very best in van suspension is.

Life’s full of highs and lows, whichever you are, we’ve got you covered.

If there is more you would like to know about, utilise our contact details and send us any burning questions you have.