VW Transporter T5, T5.1, T6 & T6.1 – SoLow x Eibach Pro 45mm ADJUSTABLE Lowering Springs


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SoLow x Eibach Pro 45mm ADJUSTABLE Lowering Springs

One size fits all. We’ve developed with spring with Eibach for the heavier work van / Camper van market. These are rated for T26 right through to T32. The Solow x Eibach Pro Collaboration spring have been our best sellers for a while. We’ve now developed an adjustable version for the heavier Transporter.

These are ideal for that heavier work vehicle and camper vans. The front spring sets you drop (around 45mm) The rear spring then has an adjust so you can use this to balance the rear to match the front. No one wants a sagging rear end right?

All the rating and info for these springs were taken from the data VW use for the Eibach Sportline spring. We’ve just make it lower and now adjustable.

Why 45mm? Because that’s the sweet spot. Any higher than this and the lowering is hardly noticeable. We all have that one friend that “slammed” his van on 30mm lowering springs and you just can’t tell in the before and after pictures. Any lower than 45mm and the ride becomes “crashy” when using standard dampers. I know with the SoLow Suspension brand being known for low, the temptation would be to make a 55mm or even 60mm lowering spring, but trust us, we tried and it just doesn’t work.

When you use a spring that is shorter with a standard length damper, the ride just isn’t good. As you go up and down the dips and undulations on the road, the standard length damper extends longer than the compression rate of the lowering springs, then crashes back down into the active dampening point on the spring. 45mm is that perfect balance between getting a lower look without creating that crashy ride, whilst also reducing body roll, sway and improving handling. Anything lower than this and coilovers are a must. 50mm+ shorter springs need shorter dampers to match, simple. Ok so let’s bullet point the facts:

  • German engineered by the best in the business, Eibach
  • Developed by the Kings and Queens of low, SoLow Suspension
  • 1 kits fits all
  • Developed using the rating of T32
  • T6.1 lower front spring sleeves included (This can easily be removed for T5, T5.1 and T6)


  • T5, T5.1, T6 & T6.1 (2003-current)
  • SWB and LWB
  • T26 to T32 (All models)
  • 2WD and 4motion
  • Panel van, Kombi, Shuttle, Caravelle


  • Pair of front Eibach/SoLow springs (With removable collars for T6.1)
  • Pair of rear Eibach/SoLow springs
  • Pair of rear top adjusters and rings

We offer 12 months warranty on all suspension components, or 24 months when the product is installed by one of our trained installer network.

Capable with levelling out filled up camper vans.

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