T5 T6 BIGH 45mm Lift Kit (Because I Got High)


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This Specially designed T5 T6 spring kit will lift your van by approx 45mm

No need for longer dampers/struts this kit can be used with standard dampers

Kit includes 2 x front springs, 2 x rear springs

In the picture gallery there is a comparison of a van fitted with standard springs and the BIG H springs, the top picture is on standard T32 springs and the bottom picture is with the BIG H kit fitted, clearly giving it a big lift! No other spacers have been fitted only the springs

Fresh out of the box you will more than likely see a lift of about 60mm, but as they settle down they will come down to be around 45mm-50mm lift compared to standard

Vans are all different weights depending if your van is Camper, Kombi or Standard, this will effect how much lift you get but as a very minimum you will get a 45mm lift.


We offer a fitting service for £200 at our warehouse near Lutterworth, Leicestershire (LE17 5QZ). If you would like to book in for a fitting give us a call: 0116 247 8156

Fits Vehicle

Make Volkswagen
Model Transporter
Type T5 And T6
Years 2003-current
Remarks Fits All Models T26, T28, T30 and T32 models
Weight 32 kg

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